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Can Too Many Car Washes Damage Your Car?

No matter what new car you get, automobiles are still a major financial investment. Therefore, it’s natural to want to take great care of your vehicle, and the easiest way to do that is through frequent car washes and cleanings. For some, this is a weekly routine, and for others, it’s almost an obsession. But as you’re washing your car every week, or maybe even multiple times each week, one does have to wonder if too many car washes can damage your car. Well, let us put your fears to rest. While


How a Full Service Car Wash Can Protect Your Car’s Paint

Surface protectants are a popular car care product, partly because of their name. Car owners hear the word “protectant” and assume that it will protect their car from anything short of an accident or a meteor strike. While surface protectants are an important part of a full service car wash, it’s important to understand what they do and what they don’t do. It may help to compare them to skin care products. Sunscreen protects the wearer from UV rays but not from broken bones. Bug spray may keep t


What to Expect From a Full Service Car Wash

What to Expect From a Full Service Car Wash No one likes driving around in a dirty car. So when you walk outside and realize that your car is much dirtier than you thought, it’s normal to want to do something about it as soon as possible. In terms of what you can do about it, there are a few different options available. However, the two that stand out are an express wash and full service car wash. At Victory Car Wash in Riverview, Florida, we understand that you don’t always have the same cleaning

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